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Today we finally launch our Online Supplements store website and facebook. 01/01/2010
Today I was asked if i would stock and sell GundryMD Vital Reds Red Berry Dietary Supplement. What do you think?
Gundry MD Vital Reds - Energy and Digestive Support Formula. Vital Reds by Gundry MD is a powdered nutritional supplement packed with beneficial polyphenols and other ingredients to boost energy, metabolism, and more. promises to deliver a combination of 21 polyphenol-rich superfruits, along with dozens of natural fat burning ingredients, that help boost energy and metabolism, improve digestion, and support healthy cholesterol levels. It even claims to control fat around the belly, thighs, and waist-without any side effects!
A study reported on August 31, 2017 in the International Journal of Rheumatic Diseases uncovered a more than five times greater prevalence of neuropathic pain in rheumatoid arthritis patients with deficient vitamin D levels in comparison with those who had normal levels.
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Every day 50 New Zealanders are diagnosed with diabetes.
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List of Common Diseases: Most Common Illnesses
List of Common Diseases: Most Common Illnesses - Mostly listed in Alphabetical order,
2:12 PM
Thursday, 9 November 2017 (NZDT)
Time in Gisborne
The Copper Solution 500ml - Colloidal Copper
S0P- AG Colloidal Silver - 200ml Nature's antibiotic pump
TJ CLARK Catalysed Liquid Minerals - Zinc improves immunity
Gel soaked foam burn dressings 2 of each size 10x10cm and 5x15cm applied to first aid burns
First Aid Kit details:
Great 1-7 person first aid kit with lots of first aid essentials
Did you know?
Arthritis affects one in six New Zealanders
over the age of 15 years.
Fibromyalgia affects more women than men.
Health Select Committee inquiry into Rose Rentonís medicinal cannabis petition
Chris    October 27, 2016    No Comments on Health Select Committee inquiry into Rose Rentonís medicinal cannabis petition.
Rose Rentonís medicinal cannabis petition has been referred to Parliamentís Health Select Committee.
The petition was presented by Labour MP Damien OíConnor on 12 October. The Health Select Committee will hold an inquiry into the issues raised.
Obtaining a medical cannabis prescription in New Zealand just got a whole lot easier. Doctors now have the power to import and prescribe cannabidiol (CBdD), a medicinally potent and non-psychoactive cannabinoid that was previously classified as a controlled drug. In the past, patients who needed access to CBD-based medication had to go through the laborious process of acquiring ministerial approval.
Thursday 7/12/2017

We have been blessed with obtaining distribution and selling rights to CHILD ESSENTIALS - a complete line of vitamins, supplements and formulas designed especially for babies, infants, and children.